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Idman Development Group (IDG) is a construction company paving the way for a new generation of residential and entrepreneurial investors that desire luxurious, modern properties that are designed using environmentally and socially conscious technologies.


Development Group

Current Projects

 IDG residential and commercial properties are built using the most innovative techniques.  Based in Mogadishu, IDG plans to expand to other cities in Somalia to form an enterprise that will encourage investment, boost real estate market demand, and provide employment opportunities and deployment of locally sourced materials and technologies nationwide.

solutions & services

Our business includes a diverse range of markets aligned with our core values and principles:


Flexible, efficient spaces for business needs.


Housing communities and holiday homes to fill the demand for unique homes by residents and the global diaspora


Encouraging early childhood, secondary and university education at all levels through multi-purpose facilities


Helping to expand the hospitality industry and tap the potential of the tourist arena.

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KM4, Mogadishu, Somalia

We invite you to share your questions and comments with us. idmandevelopmentgroup@gmail.com