Idman Development Group

Idman Towers 4

Idman Towers 4 is a ten-floor building compound centered in the Kilometer 4 neighborhood with great access to shops, the downtown market area, the new five star Nasa Hablood Hotel amenities (which residents will have full access to), and the airport. Experience a community based way of life. Witness the serene lands that surround the courtyard style development. Strategically located right in the business center of Mogadishu, Idman Towers 4 is complete with not only producing a rich, residential life, but also a thriving commercial life. Idman Development Group aims to prioritize this courtyard style design to foster a serene community right outside your front door, equipped with courtyard seating, benches, and blossoming vegetation. Past the courtyard and extending into the building itself, echoing the waves of its Indian Ocean neighbor, the outside architecture flows to create a seamless, inviting exterior. Looking into the residential properties, IDG offers 1-3 ensuite bedroom units, each including a private balcony, a luxury kitchen and bath, and a modern, open floor plan. These units will exemplify luxury, keeping on par with international standards. Idman Towers 4 will also offer high level security and underground parking, proving this development to be perfect for any Somali, local or returnee, to live comfortably and in style.