Idman Development Group

Long Beach Villas and Estates

A Jazira Project

Discover Mogadishu’s first premier gated beach community and immerse yourself in a fully functioning, self-sufficient beach haven. Sitting at Jaziira Beach, this gated community propels the rebuilding of Somalia forward through the construction of not only homes and condominiums, but schools, shops, mosques, and so much more. With this project, Idman Development Group has a couple objectives in mind: to build quality properties that will attract Somali locals and returnees and to provide educational training for potential workforce in all careers pertaining to construction and design, while placing a focus on sustainable development and making environmentally conscious use of its resources. Simply put, IDG is placing the well-being of Somali locals and returnees at the forefront, ultimately aiming to improve the livelihood of the local community.

But what makes Jaziira Beach fully functioning? Inside each neighborhood, residents will find both residential and commercial properties, community mosques, schools for years K-12, and beautiful, thoughtful parks and landscaping equipped with children’s playgrounds and outdoor seating. Residents of this upcoming community can enjoy feeding both their souls and spirit through the large, central mosque surrounded by parks highlighting the country’s natural beauty. The community will be maintained year-round and gated with guards to ensure security and a safe and exclusive environment. Constructed of white sand-washed brick, the architectural style of the properties will echo that of the city’s Lido style buildings, blending modern luxury with older, classical influences. The offered residential properties include villas, estates, and apartments. This ten year project is a living, breathing self-contained city with many more designs and options still to come. From sports gyms with indoor recreational areas to an educational history center collecting the many Somali stories unfortunately lost, IDG’s Jaziira Beach Project will transform opportunities for local Somalis, Somali returnees, and the Diaspora.

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